Wedding Party

The Bride and Groom  
Richie and Meghan met in middle school and starting dating their Jr. year of high school. Richie proposed for their 9 year dating anniversary! 
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The Bride's Wedding Party
The parents of the Bride
Chris and Mimi Forsell 

The Maid of Honor
Rachael is the sister of the Bride 
Bryanna is the niece of the bride
Allison Betts: Ally is the sister of the Groom
Angela Bird:
 Friends with the Bride since middle school, although they first met in elementary. They grew up a few houses down from each other, and spent much time playing super Nintendo, and watching Baywatch and TRL together =)
(Angela is pictured with her fiance Chris! She got engaged 2 days before the bride!!!)

Lynnette Luder: 
Friends with the bride since middle school, and one of Meghan's first friends when moving to Westfield! Lynn convinced Meghan to try out for cheerleading and they cheered together for many years!
Sarah Tyczkowski: 
Friends with Meghan since middle school. She gave Meghan her first car so she could get to and from college!!!

Erika Zimmerman
Friends for over a year. Erika and Meghan were introduced because her husband and Richie work together. They bonded over the love of Mexican food and Margaritas!

Ring Bearer

Isaac is the nephew of the Bride

 The Groom's Wedding Party
Parents of the Groom
Stan and Patty Betts 
Grooms Men
 Tyler Mathews: Tyler and Richie have been friends since grade-school 

Adam Tilko and Josh Scott: Friends since college and in the same fraternity
Thom Betts is the Cousin of the Groom
John Raynor is the Cousin of the Groom

More groomsmen coming soon!


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  2. Love you honey enjoy your special day