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Welcome to the Town of Westfield! Population 4,986 according to most recent census. Click here or here to learn more about our town! Just a few interesting facts about Westfield:
Welch's Grape Juice: Founded by Thomas Bramwell, (who happened to be a dentist!) and wanted a non-alcoholic alternative of wine to serve in his church. He later quit the dental profession to make grape juice! The first Welch's factory was located in Westfield built in 1893
Grace Bedell: She was the little girl who wrote President Lincoln asking him to grow a beard. Stating "all the ladies like whiskers!" This statue can be seen in the middle of town.

 Must Do's while visiting Westfield! 
 The Chautauqua County Wine Trail extents 45 miles along Lake Erie and has over 23 wineries, with 4 located in Westfield, but many more within a 10-15 minute drive outside of Westfield.

Visit The Chautauqua Institution-a place for arts, music, education, and religion with many guest lecturers
Lecture Topics in the Chautauqua Institution:
August 10-18th topic: Radicalism
August 19-25th topic: Presidents Club
Visit for a full schedule of events

Visit The Barcelona Harbor in Westfield and check out the light house, beaches, ship wreck, and restaurants.

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